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Local Lads - a few years back

Extract from local rag - oldest fire-engine in use
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The 'Old' and the 'New' .....well almost new!!

Cottage fire near the 'Bridge of Alan', Whittingham.
These are Rothbury retained firemen, the fireman near the hole in the roof, David Gregory, had just gone in front of his 'older' colleague Ebba Cummings when the roof collapsed. He managed to grab hold within the roof space to stop himself falling into the fire.

The 'Old' and 'not quite so Old'
Rothbury and Sunderland fire engines together.
Photo probably taken at a museum.
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Practice makes perfect
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Testing the equipment - circa 1950's
at the riverside below the old railway line
Is it a cat..... is it a bird......
or are they just hanging their hoses out to drain?... nope it WAS a cat.
dippie dixon
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Picture taken at the bottom of Thomlinson's school bank
Maughan's Yard - now known as Green Square

Delivery of new fire engine 1950

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